How we work

​​At Commission Fantasy Painters we pride ourselves on high quality painting using a variety of techniques, and a fast turn around time

Commission request

Every commission starts with a customer request. At this stage it is important that we know exactly what you want. This includes the colour scheme, the terrain style for the fantasy miniature base and if you require any conversions (i.e specific changes during the building of the model such as different weapons).


Once we have received the request, we will prepare a detailed quotation which will include an estimate of the turn around time. If you are interested in our service we kindly request that you send us your miniatures using a track and trace postal service.

Before starting on your order we will require an advanced payment for 50% of the commission cost. We accept both PayPal and  Bank Transfer.

Miniature painting

We will keep you updated on your commission by sending you personalized emails containing photographs of your miniatures during the building and painting process. Emails will be sent at the end of each week, at which point you can respond with any comments which you may have.

Final payment

Once the work is complete we will send you detailed photos of your miniatures. Only when you are completely satisfied with the result we will ask for the final payment. Once we have received a payment confirmation we will ship the miniatures back to you using a track and trace service.